Hola ir ( hey there),
This is Lindsey “Mermaid” Halbrook and this is the first full day of camp here in the DR.

Currently I am on program staff, so I am helping with an activity class, skits, meals, and assisting counselors. My activity class that I’m teaching is soccer. I’m leading it with a lady named Jeannette which was such a joy. One of my passions is the game of soccer. Here in the Dominican, girls do not usually participate in athletics, but they enjoyed it! Getting to share my passion with the girls is truly a time of worshipping God for the ways He’s enabled me to love them!

Today we also played a super fun game at the pool. Each cabin constructed a boat out of various materials- cardboard, balloons, balls, etc. The program staff dressed up as Pirates while the cabins sent one person to ride their cabin’s boat. The object of the game was to sail across the river and take their flag back to the cabin mates. The pirates job was to prevent or slow down the process. This probably shouldn’t excite me, but I loved getting to be the part of the destruction.

Later, after dinner the cabin groups participated in team building activities. At club, which is when the Gospel is shared, Didy, a leader here, discussed obedience. She used an example about her and her mother and when you disobey your parents you also disobey God. All the kids were given paper hearts in which they wrote their reasons for disobedience. After each camper wrote down their reasons they threw it into the bonfire. She was very bold and asked the kids if they were a Christian or not. Then she then said to the ones that are not Christians “do they see a difference in you”? She asked them if others would see the fruit of Jesus in them. She was very bold and I was so thankful for the words she was speaking. This was very impactful to me because I desire to be as bold as she was.

Tomorrow these campers are leaving and then we will have time to discuss as a team all that we’ve learned during the first session of camp!

Con Amor (with love),
Lindsey “Mermaid”