A Post in Numbers:

Posted Jan 9, 2016

16: the number of souls saved that we know about. Tuty (our local camp
director) told me yesterday that their counselors had one-on-one time
with the kids who made decisions and talked with them to see how much
they understood. She said they all could clearly articulate the
gospel! Lives have been transformed for eternity this week!!! Praise

1: the number of camp days left. The days have been long and full, but
the week has been quick.

6: the number of “plan B’s” we’ve used this week. But today might have
been our best plan B yet! A slip-n-slide! YOSO…you only slip-n-slide
in El Salvador once…

59: the number of little campers

59: the number of campers who want to murder our skit character Pollio
Loco (crazy chicken) because he is set out to destroy camp…little do
they know that he is going to be thrown into the pool tonight for his
final demise.

5: the number of Pine Cove dances we have taught to our campers.

10: the number of cabins we have and the number of talent show
performances that we all participated in last night. Turns out that
everyone tries to do whatever performance is happening on stage.

7292919191: the number of prayers we have seen answered. God is so
faithful to us!

Pray that the Lord would continue to do a great work in these kids,
our staff, and their staff! To Him be all the glory!

Signing out,
Your Pollio Locos

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  1. God is so good!!! It is so exciting to read that I have 16 new brothers/sisters in Christ! I will be praying for the last few days and for the safety for you guys on your way home!

  2. My favorite post yet. Praying for y’all and rejoicing over the Lord’s work through y’all. Ya freaking studs.

  3. Y’all rock! I’m so proud of your hard work through long days and your faithfulness to share the Gospel. Lives are being literally transformed and God has used you all to be a part of that! Also, Pollo Loco may just need to find his way to a state side skit this summer…

  4. Man I am excited to hear about all that the Lord has done and will continue to do! Praying for y’all to finish strong!