A Little Help from our Friends

Posted Jan 3, 2016

the kids’ English > our Spanish 

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  1. Wow…it looks like y’all need my Spanish speaking skills!! I can’t wait to hear about how God uses you even if you can’t communicate!

  2. I can’t imagine the language being a barrier after that Spanish lesson…y’all are practically fluent! Praying for a great day, no sickness, and communication and understanding from the Lord. Love y’all!!

  3. Praying for open arms, open ears, and open hearts! Can’t wait to hear how today goes! Love you Amanda Panda!

  4. ^^classic Broflex comment where he not-so-subtly brags about he believes to be his superb Spanish speaking skill lol-z

    Keep trying to learn that Spanish! Even if it seems pointless, It is a huge honor to them that you would try to speak their language and when you say words wrong they get a good laugh!

    Praying for y’all

  5. Way to go Mando! Conquering that language barrier like a champ. Praying hard for y’all and am so pumped to read about all of the adventure that awaits. I know y’all will serve the socks off those campers! Sending lots of love to my Bluffs family!