Campamento Cresta del Mar is beautiful. It looks pretty much like a resort. There are tons of green plants, trees, flowers, and grass. The dining hall is huge with a lot of fans, and the chapel is a large open air space where we make sure the integrity of the Chainsaw dance is fully upheld.

[Disclaimer: The dance in the photo is not the Chainsaw dance. It is the Wobble, but it is a good picture of our open-air chapel.]

Once we got off the bus we quickly divided into our cabin groups and headed into the dining hall for dinner. Most of dinner was spent doing introductions and getting to know our new campers for the week.

The cabins are named after colors and each Towers staffer is partnered with a national staffer. The rest of our staff is helping in a program staff role, which means they are helping set up activities and games, cleaning up after meals, running our night program, and jumping in and helping out in the cabins when they can.



After dinner we headed into the chapel for our first C-L-U-B, bring that Pine Cove club to me! There was tons of energy in the room as we clapped, sang, and danced to the worship band the national team put together.

This morning started early. Real early. As in wake up at 5:45am, hold your eyes open with your fingers early. The first activity of the morning was aerobics, led by Rosanna, a PIBA staffer. Listen, you haven’t really done aerobics until you’ve done it in Panama at 5:45am to Mortal Kombat music. After that we were all quite awake and ready to go. It didn’t even feel like 6:30am!


After breakfast we played a large group game with flags and water balloons. The goal of the game was to protect your flag from getting hit with a water balloon. I’m not actually sure who the winner was but it was fun to run around in the heat with water balloons flying.



Campers here love their Bible study. So much so that we do Bible study for an hour each day. Today it was in the morning. There was a snack afterward (I’m getting the feeling they love their snacks) and then spent some time preparing their cabin skits for a cabin variety show we are having tomorrow night. We then crammed even more in by putting on a scavenger hunt before lunch.

After lunch, we ended up spending time playing Panama’s favorite pastime, futbol. You can’t stop our guys cabins from playing. You just can’t. Afterwards, we had some activity class fun (what up, archery and martial arts?!).



Then, everyone asked, “What time is it?” (except they really said “Que hora es?” because we’re in Panama). And we said, “POOL TIME!” After some skillful volleyball and aggressive water soccer, we headed down to the beach to enjoy the Pacific Ocean (I really hope it’s the Pacific or I’m going to be pretty embarrassed when I Google it later).







Our night game was a mix between Pitch Black Attack, Espionage, and Recon. Pretty much just snuck around in the dark all night trying to make sure camp didn’t get taken over by Delta Force. Don’t worry. Campers always win.

It’s been a really great (and long) day. Tomorrow, we are scheduled to meet at the basketball court at 5:30am before heading down to the beach to see the sunrise and worship together.

Our staff are all-stars. It is a party every time we meet together. Hey, we’ve enjoyed your comments. Keep them coming. Gracias, y buenas noches!