Posted Jan 9, 2017

Hola amigos! Sarah here, and it’s day 6 in p-guay. It’s beginning to sink in that today is the last full day with our sweet campers and wonderful national counselors. Shannon and I awoke at 6:30 and made our way to breakfast by El Río de Paraguay to have bread (surprise!) and cafe con leche (coffee with milk and lots and lots and lots of sugar). Today was a little different, because instead of having worship inside, we set up chairs by the river and sang with the sun shining on our faces. 

While the kids have bible study, which is an impressive hour and a half time they use to study the Word, our team gets the opportunity to speak (in English) about what we’ve been learning in the Word, about our kids, and about ourselves. Austin presented the truth that, to be a missionary, we don’t even have to leave our own house. The conclusion was that we lack worship in our hearts, which calls for constant reminders of God’s love. While we are here, we use each moment to die to ourselves and live a life that is proof of Jesus’ love. We show this love through our actions because of our inability to communicate well with words. However, we also need missionaries pushing us to worship Jesus back in the States. Following that point, Ashley shared that often times, even when we have the opportunity to communicate the gospel in our own tongue, fear or feelings of inadequacy stop us from doing the very thing we were created to do, the very thing that causes our bones to burn within us if we cannot communicate it. When we return in just a few days, our prayer is that we not only ignite fires in the hearts of those around us, but that we too have fires burning within our souls. We desire to solely worship the One who created us.

While this meeting was occurring, a battle was also taking place. A battle between Shadow Boxer (the little black cat) and a 10 inch lizard, who we mercifully saved from the brink of death. 

Then, we began setting up for the big event of the day: cooking our own lunches over campfires. After we picked up sticks with Shannon (an activity class that is soon to take the Rado by storm), the boys started a massive fire which we used to distribute coal to each table to cook the chicken and beef. It was delicioso, to say the least. 

Next, we took our siesta (aka nap – praise Him from whom all blessings flow) and had snack and coloring time, until the most exciting part of the day: pool time!!!!!!! I can hear the cheering now. Ashley and Austin proceeded to leave us along with Tito and Bessy, which left Garrett and Gabby in charge. Cue gasps. 

Don’t worry, we ended pool time with all limbs intact. We ended the day worshipping while we watched the magnificent sunset for the last time. While we were gazing at the colorful sky, Amy commented, “How could someone see this and not believe in God?” Amen Amy. Our God is quite the artist. 

Finally, we wrote our sins and we cast our sins into the fire, which were quickly eaten by flames, never to be seen again. In the same way, Jesus’ sacrifice has purified our lives so that there is not a trace of our transgressions left to stain us. Praise Jesus for that!!!!

Things we learned today: 

1. Small green bananas do not make real phone calls.

2. In lines, if you’re crippled, old or you have a baby, you immediately go to the front in Paraguay. We should consider this in the United States.

3. Fire melts plastic in Paraguay too.

4. We will gnat miss the bugs here.

5. Superpanchos (foot long hot dogs) are MUY grande.

6. The Holy Spirit had a sense of humor. He told Bessy that Austin’s song is “Bad Boy.” 

Mucho amor,


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  1. Oh man, reading this brings back such great memories! Gnats and bugs, cooking our own food, lizards, sunsets over the Paraguay River, Tito and Bessy… Thanks for sharing Sarah. It’s hard to believe your days there are passing so quickly! I know there are lot of people back in Los Estados Unidos missing all of the people serving in Commission Camping, but I’m sincerely grateful for this opportunity you have been given. Hope you enjoy a day learning about the country and traveling/bonding with one another. See you soon peeps!