Pileta no siesta! 

Posted Jan 6, 2017

Hey everyone! Gabby here! The day started with some rain, which was a blessing, but that didn’t slow us down. We had much to do as this is our campers last full day of camp this first session. It’s hard to believe our time is quickly coming to a close with these niños (little ones). But we have had the best day yet! We finally got to play some fútbol (soccer) and we were so excited to be a part of something that is so important to them, culturally, and so much fun, of course. During free time our Pine Cove staff was doing so well in our game against the nationals that we were up 3-2, yes they were just 8-10 years olds, but they were very good. They are incredible players! It was exciting to teach them how we play just to have fun and that it’s more than a competition. We tried new foods too! Today we had Pâté (Goose meat spread) on bread for snack. Don’t you love new places!

We are continuing to build these relationships and are so blessed to be surrounded by people  who love Jesus deeply. We got to talk about the gospel last night at club and how it’s so personal because it’s much more than just a story, it’s our new story. And it radically changes our lives, FOREVER! 

The language continues to be a slight barrier, but today was a bit of a breakthrough. It wasn’t perfect, but we could start seeing those connections. Our team hopes to set an example for the national staff on what it means to “bump the lamp” and do camp excellently even when it’s hard, because “no se trata de me.” 

But God’s creations was shining all around us. We got to watch the sunset and Ashley spoke to the kids about how creation reflects God’s glory and as His good creation we too can live a life that reflects His Glory! 

Tonight for club Garrett spoke about Jesus’s transformative power once we accept Him into our lives. It was beautiful to see all the kids so quietly write down on a piece of paper the sin that separates them from God. One highlight that stood out to me, other than throwing things in the fire, was seeing a little boy throw his piece of paper and then raise his arms up in triumph. That’s exactly how we should react because we have a savior who is more than able to take those from our lives. 

Praise Jesus for his goodness today and we are already looking forward to tomorrow! 

Things we learned today: 
1. Grunting is a universal   language. Mhm. 

2. Sometimes siesta gets cancelled.

3. It’s always a good time for pileta (the pool), even when you are supposed to siesta. 

4. No translation needed for interpretive dances.

5. No matter where you live, Frozen is popular. 

6. Heat and humidity can make people selfish.

Please continue to pray with us! 

1. That God would work past our language barrier to develop deep relationships between us and our national staff and our campers. (He’s already really doing this!)

2. For the redemptive love of Jesus to be communicated through more than our words.

3. That campers hearts would be softened to hear the gospel and repent and turn to Jesus. 

4. For God to reveal new and wonderful things to our team during our time here (thankful for the gift of being in a new place to have fresh perspective as we start the year). 

5. That God would multiply our rest and energy and health! 

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