Posted Jan 8, 2016


Hola familia and amigos!! This is Claire here.
It’s Friday already! This week has flown by. What a beautiful
experience it has been…
The theme for this week is “Buscadores de tesoros” which means
“searchers of treasure”, and today we went on a treasure hunt! The
campers loved it! As you can see in the pictures, the campers found
the treasure (the orange boxes filled with candy) MUY DELICIOSO!
There was a lot of rain today here in Paraguay and we lost power for a
little while. Even so, the fun continues rain or shine!
God has blessed this week with these campers immensely. This evening,
we had club and worship by the river as the sun was setting. You can
see some of these pictures here! The sunsets here in Paraguay are MUY
BONITA. God painted such a beautiful picture in the sky for us and it
was the perfect backdrop for an evening of worship.
(Fun fact: cielo in Spanish = sky!) Please continue to pray that these
campers would receive Jesus into their hearts, that lives would be
saved, and eternities secured.
We deeply appreciate your prayers as we end this week with campers and
begin a day of tourism tomorrow. I know we all can’t wait to tell you
about it when we get home!
Me amo! (I love you in Spanish)



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