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Posted Jan 5, 2016

Today was our first full day of camp! The day started with a quiet time scattered across the beautiful camp, breakfast with the best salsa and eggs to date, and our second bible study about eternal treasure where the campers considered the eternal value of the things they treasure versus what the Lord treasures. Next came activity classes including soccer, a dodgeball/espionage hybrid, camp classics, #crafttime, and archery. After lunch we had some group activities, a camp soccer game, a pizza pirate party, club, and concluded with roasted marshmallows. Whew.

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While the day seemed to be filled with high level activity and fun moments, the camper interactions despite language barriers and cultural differences has been incredible. Also, we’re all going to kill it in charades from now on, so another bonus from this trip. But in all seriousness, the campers and National team we are working with have exceeded every expectation and have further proved Christ as being stronger than any barrier encountered.

This morning, Joel shared a verse with the Pine Cove team that I felt emulated what the Lord is currently doing in Guatemala as well as encouraged our group:

“When they were few in number, of little account, and sojourners in it, wandering from nation to nation from one kingdom to another people, he allowed no one to oppress them; he rebuked kings on their account.” -Psalm 105:12-13

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Through our “sojourning,” the Lord has been abundant in faithfulness. Specifically, Pine Cove’s key phrase “it’s not about me” has really come to life for me personally in the past twenty-four hours. This morning, I was convicted to give up any/all of my expectations for this week and instead started praying for Jesus to work in the hearts of campers despite my own ideas about commission camping. In bible study a couple hours later, the girls in my cabin began to describe their worries and fears about the things and people they treasure that ultimately will fail them. Through the vulnerability of the campers, the national team counselor, and myself, I witnessed God speak truth into the campers and to myself through our conversation.

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Continue to pray for our team as we have less than 24 hours with this group of campers, and pray for the next set coming Friday morning. Pray for the Guatemalan team as they lead bible studies and reflection times, and for our staff to continue speaking and showing truth to the campers. Pray that despite the crazy schedule and miscommunication, God would be glorified and His power made evident.

  • Grace “Dinoluvr613” Wallace


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  1. Awesome post, Grace. Proud of you, Madelyn. Great form, Spencer!

    Love hearing the stories. Keep em coming!!! We are praying for y’all down here!

  2. Talk about facepaint! That is awesome.

    Love having such a good picture of what is happening in Guatemala. Keep it up team. Proud of you all!

  3. Love being able to follow what you are all doing in Guatemala by pictures and posts! Thanks for all you are doing!

  4. The Wallis family is still praying for you daily as you lift up His name and make Him famous in Central America! I know you may be getting tired and wish for something besides arroz con pollo at times, but your ministry is super important!! Continue to focus on why you are there and what God has for you moment by moment!
    Love, Wallis’s