Today had a lot happen! We did many activitues, eat yummy meals, get to know our campers much more, and have fun at camp!


Here are some of our activity classes that we played and did. 



Pinwheel Crafting

Flag Tag    

Sumo Wrestling Matches



This activity was called Rally. It consisted of campers starting at the highest point of camp and having to go through different obstacles and avoid the Counselors that tried to pull their flags. It was intense and the campers loved it. This game signified how going through life isn’t always just a walk in the park. The world will be coming at you often trying to detract or take from you in different ways. The national staff have done a great job of including spiritual application to the activities. 

We also had 2 guest speakers! They came to tell their testimonies and let the campers learn more from them about their walk with Jesus or to even begin one. 

Then we had pool time! The pool is gorgeous and we had a blast. The water was a little cold but that didn’t stop us. We were swimming around and playing games and chatting around the pool. We were in there for almost 2 hours!  

The crazy part is this is just some of the fun things we did. What a cool opportunity we have to build relationships with these campers and staffers alike! 

Buenos Noches,

Your City team