Bien Venidos!

We have been in full camp mode today! We woke up at 6:00 and started with time in God’s word and then had some breakfast. After breakfast the campers played some get to know you games and then we taught them some Pine Cove games-like zoo keeper and ninja. They had a blast with zoo keeper! After we played games together we split up into activity classes for an hour and a half. The activities we are doing this week are dodgeball, kickball, football, kajabi can can, archery, BOMBA!, arts and crafts, and parachute games. Some of these activities were new for them mad they greatly enjoyed them!

Lunch time came and we enjoyed some delicious authentic Honduran food. We had chicken, rice, beans, and tortillas. But don’t just think it was some normal chicken and rice, because you would be mistaken! After our bellies were nice and full, the campers enjoyed a great skit(typical Pine Cove, right?). The skit has two luchador heros that is lead by the Honduran program director Brandon. Today, the luchadors lost their masks to the evil man “pantelones Gordo” aka “fat pants!” The kids can’t wait for the heroes to take down fat pants!

After lunch was free time. We have learned that free time in Honduras camping is time for chilling out, resting, or playing board games. The leaders want the campers to settle down because they went into bible study after free time. Bible study lasts two hours and the great thing is that the campers pay very close attention the WHOLE time. What a cool example of how attentive and alert we need to be in learning the very words of God.

Our Pine Cove counselors are doing well but are definitely tired. These campers are so excited about camp that they haven’t slept much. But for that we are grateful. Please be praying for our counselors that they would find ways to connect well with their campers and counselors. They are burdened by not being blue to be intentional and are craving it. We know The Lord is working in great ways though. So whatever his plans are, we are trusting in him! The kids are hearing the gospel and that is the best part!

We hope you are doing well and everyone here wants to send their love to everyone back home! We are grateful for your support and prayers!

Until next time,